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Astro V-Eats, September 2017
Songket Restaurant by host Ms Shareeta. Program was aired on 8th September 2017 over Astro Vinmeen HD channel 231 and Singapore Singtel channel 626.

The Halal Dining Club, July 2017
Guide to Halal Food In Kuala Lumpur

Running Man's Kim Jong Kook visit, Feb 2017

The Yum List, May 2013
"Review of Songket Restaurant New Menu"

"Songket on Ala Carte segment of BFM"

"Songket in downtown KL"

"2nd Anniversary & New Menu"

"Restaurant review: Songket"

"Sabar Menjadi Kunci Kejayaan Chef Zamri"

"Songket Restaurant"

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan 
"Songket Featured on TV3's Jalan Jalan Cari Makan"

"Hidangan Mewah Tradisi Melayu di Songket"

"Dekorasi barangan tempatan

"National day special" 

"Restoran Songket Pikat Selera"

"Restoran Songket Tawarkan Hidangan Tradisi"

"Restoran Songket: perkenal masakan melayu di mata pelancong"

"Songket Featured on TV3's Nona"

Pick up complimentary chopsticks wrapped in songket before leaving  

Amidst the high-rises lies a humble restaurant which serves authentic Malay cuisine...  

outside I've always been somewhat sceptical about Malay food served in nice restaurants. Oh you know what I mean, ... 

Food for Thought ~ Songket one of my fave fabrics is handwoven in either silk or cotton with gold or silver threads. I love wearing them. ... 

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