Live Entertainment
View the Malaysian Cultural Dances from across Malaysia. Dance performance only available on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The performances are lively, entertaining and fun. See the dancers' beautiful and colourful costumes and graceful hand movements. Truly a wonderful Malaysian experience as you enjoy your sumptuous dinner.
Dances of Malaysia
The dancers who perform at Songket Restaurant are part of the Duta Warisan Dance Group (DWDG) by Oguy from Sabah. DWDG has been established for more than 10 years and they have performed in Asia and Europe.

* Opening Dance *
We welcome you to Songket Restaurant with this opening number which originates from the state of Terengganu, Malaysia.  

* Kuda Kepang*
Kuda Kepang is a predominant type of traditional Malay folk dance. It is a very energetic and interesting dance from Johore and performed by male dancers.

* Garong *
Gorong is a dance usually performed by female dancers. This dance is performed during festivals, weddings and other occasions.

* Piring *
The Piring dance originates from West Sumatera. The dance ritual was originally performed by young ladies and men to thank the god for a successful harvest.

* Chinese Dance *
This dance is performed using ribbons and fans as props. It is usually performed during festivals or weddings.

* Indian Dance *
One of the classical Indian dances in Malaysia. This dance is called Thashak. This dance is performed during festivals or weddings.

* Exotic Borneo Medley*
i. Geduk Iban
This warrior dance originates from the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. It is performed when the hunter returns from hunt. Blowpipes and hornbill feathers are used as props.

ii. Sumazau
The Sumazau dance can be considered the state dance of Sabah and is the dance of the Kadazan. The arm gestures are likened to that of a bird and it floats gracefully at approximately shoulder level with gentle bending of the elbow and wrist or alternatively is swung gently like a pendulum, parallel at the sides of the body.

iii. Anggalang Manggunatip
This dance is the traditional dance of the Murut people of Sabah. It is a warrior dance and popularly known as the Bamboo Dance.

* Rasa Sayang *
As a finale, we have the Rasa Sayang song, to thank the audience and to show our appreciation for your presence.
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